Project Description


As banks are expected to begin shifting their SWIFT messaging from MT to MX by 2020, most financial institutions are far behind and have yet to setup their SWIFT MX operations, relying solely on outdated SWIFT MT standards.

FinConnect empowers banks to make that step forward by providing a dynamic XML suite that builds any product based on ISO20022 in no time. Said products can be built for local and international banks, central banks and other SWIFT reliant financial institutions.

Our solution

Using our suite, a bank can build its XML newly released product in 5 simple steps:

  1-Select Message     2-Customize Message     3-Set business rules     4-Define flow     5-Define route

Product Features

  • APIs to connect to different core banking modules
  • Dynamic libraries for business rules

Solution Characteristics

  • Minimal interruption of your human resources
  • Minimal adaptations of existing applicationsl
  • Ease for users and developers to use it and create their own products
  • Full compliance with SWIFT-MX

Project Details