Project Description


SWIFT GPI (global payment innovation) allows for the end-to-end tracking of SWIFT transactions. Tracking is steadily being rolled out across certain types of SWIFT messages.

SWIFT has released gcct (GPI customer credit transfer) which allows for the comprehensive tracking of credit transfers sent via SWIFT MT 103. Our product currently covers response “confirmation” messages for gcct, and will roll support for API responses in future versions.

As SWIFT continues rolling GPI tracking for other messages types, like 202, 202 COV, 502, SWIFT MX messages and DLT, our product will be updated to easily track these messages and responses, as they are released.

We offer banks and financial institutions, the ability to adopt GPI tracking for the above message types easily and quickly. With no need for in-house development and locking resources, our knowledgeable team can build and integrate this capability promptly into your existing core-banking systems and speed your adoption of these newly released products.


Project Details