Getting to Certainty with Cross Border Payments:
Corporate clients are demanding better payments services, particularly when transacting with suppliers and distributors. They want better insights into status of payments, and final settlement value. Above all, they want to do business quicker.

SWIFT GPI is a new messaging protocol which brings speed, transparency and predictability to cross border transactions. When you upgrade to GPI, you can offer clients same day settlements and an end to end view of transactions with minimal upgrades to your existing payments infrastructure.

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Upgrading payment systems shouldn’t mean re-engineering your entire backend. FinConnect GPI is flexible enough to work with all sizes of banks, even those without a large in house IT team.

FinConnect is a turnkey payment solutions vendor offering an out of the box solutions to enable GPI readiness for banks within 40 days with minimal integration, along with automatic access to GPI Observer.

We also provide after sales maintenance and a suite of growth marketing tools to help banks deliver ROI on their payments investment.


  • Adaptation of gpi rules for your business requirements


  • Seamless integration with Core Banking systems and the SWIFT network


  • Immediate full automation of payments (Outgoing / Incoming)


  • Execution of all SWIFT mandated testing scenarios for compliance


  • Access to gpi Observer: view gpi compliance of banks around the world

Leave us your email and we’ll arrange a no commitment 20 minute demo