About Us


Some parts of the traditional banking sector have lagged in identifying and adopting the skills and products needed to cope with the ever changing landscape of the financial world. Banks, Central Banks, Clearing Houses and other financial institutions need to take quantum leap steps or face the risk of being stuck one step behind the innovators.

Our veteran team of bankers has identified and recognized opportunities to help banks take these leaps, and have created FinConnect: a powerhouse in financial messaging solutions that can push banks to the future in quick and agile steps, without the need the for months of planning and execution and steering away of missing numerous deadline.

Our team, through their history working with banks, learned the hard way what works best and how to achieve the banks’ goals in the quickest way possible, knowing very well what systems, structures and hurdles we face.


What we’re all about

FinConnect is a perfect match between the banks’ upgrade goals and their existing infrastructure. Our bouquet of products, coupled with our expert services offering sets us apart as a pioneer to help banks transition and comply with globally shifting SWIFT messaging needs.

Our products have been designed to easily integrate with banking systems spread across the spectrum from ageing legacy system to the newer digitally revolutionized layered systems.

Our services are based on our comprehensive knowledge of the banks’ internals, from structure, to bureaucracy, to procedures and operations.

We can help you transform and comply with global and local regulations quickly and easily.


Our values

  • FinConnect aims to stand by our clients and hand-in-hand, take a leap into the technologically geared future, and fast economic and operational changes.
  • FinConnect is committed to its client satisfaction by delivering high quality products and services.
  • FinConnect stands by values such as: reliability, comfort and organization.


Who we are


Fawaz Hanna

Fawaz is a founder of FinConnect, with more than 20 years in software development. After graduating from LAU’s Computer Science program, he worked in numerous industries namely forwarding, Insurance, Governmental, Financial, and SWIFT messaging for Banks. He’s had more than four years of experience within financial solutions (Accounts Payable, General Ledger) in Saudi ministry of foreign affairs and Royal Commission. He’s also engrossed in SWIFT messaging solutions and succeeded to have a Ready Application Label (certificate) from SWIFT to a remittance product, for over eight years. He has built his experience from both the technical and the business side of banking operations.

Richard Hanna

Richard is also a founder of FinConnect. His experience covers being a senior program manager with 10 years in project management, 7 years as CRM consultant for banks. He has developed and provided business with support to implement the enterprise road map strategy of oracle CRM (services, Sale, Marketing) Program manager for CRM and ERP for financial institution that ended with full end-to-end integration and automation for business processes. Richard has been around working inĀ  in KSA , UAE and in Lebanon. Richard is PMP certified.

Rida Zaherdine

Rida Zaherddine is a web developer and software engineer with over four years of experience working within multiple industries like health care, Insurance, and the education sector. He currently works on VAS( value added services ) with real time communication for telecom industry.